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I am a Spirit Message Artist
enjoy- my works are all inspired by the creative flow of Spirit

These past couple of years I have gone full digital with the
use of my iPad and art apps on it. Just my finger tip on the
screen 's paper
I feel very blessed to use the iPad as my new art medium.
I once again love art and sh
aring it with you all. Enjoy!

mystic nouveau      Rev. Mary copyrighted 2014  

The essence of Art...
Art -- whether it is done on canvas, rock, paper, ceramic, or any other medium -- art has held a pure entertainment position for humans throughout the centuries.  Every person's opinion of a work can (and should) differ from another's, as art is viewed from "the eye of the beholder." 

Art and artistic crafts are held in the artists' hands and complicated minds.  All artists really have no idea how the finished piece is going to look until the piece screams, "stop."  As an artist, when one reaches this 'stop' point, the complicated mind goes through a critiquing journey; a process that the best critics wish they had a tiny hint of. This journey sets a tone for appreciating our own work. Let's face it: Artists create to create, and not necessarily for accolades.  

"Spirit Art" has become a coined new age term for holistic spiritual themed art in the last 15 years, pulling some of its roots from the 19 century age of symbolism.  I, however, view that all art is and was made through accepting a higher conscience in creating the piece.  Look back at the great masters:  Monet's creations were spirit influenced; Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant spirit artist, scientist, and divine messenger. 

So, the next time you have a chance to gaze upon a creation of art, music or literature, look into the spirit of that artist and truly enjoy their connection to their work.

sacred oracle ~ mandala                                        Rev. Mary  copyrighted 2012

Celebrate the Divine in everything.
Be inspired to explore
your spirituality through
Spirit Art.
I am from Rochester,NY.
here are some or my favorite works

mystic dragonfly       copyrighted 2007 mb

the feather                           copyrighted 2012  
Who has not received a message feather from spirit.   Even the tatted ones tell a story
an message.   created on i
Pad by me.   You are always connected to Spirit.

Piece I did as a giveaway:

If you are looking for unique Art Inspirations
please browse through my Art pages

Animal Totem Spirit Art

 Animal Totems and Totem Animal Portraits
information on animal meanings and totem fetish gifts
Native American Art and links

                  wolf mystic leader copyrighted  08      Spirit Art Portraits

Spirit Message Art

Inspirations for you

Unique digital interpretations via Spirit guides to
show you Divine in this one...

"focus"  c2011     by  rev mary  

Another fun tool I use is...

Draw Me Your Tree Reading 
The study of Treealmistry  - a term I have now coined for Tree Readings


Let me take you on a "treealmistry" expedition into the mind of your life. This is
a popular known magic trick, but it is not a trick, but rather like a fun interpretation of your life.  
 "Draw Me Your Tree" has been around for a while and  as a proven technique.
So draw me your tree and let me introduce you to the world
of "treealmistry" Spiritual Journey and handwriting interpretation

email  me for info at [email protected]

Spirit Art Gallery

chamuel  by me          Rev. Mary   copyrighted 2014

Votex Blessing     c 08

Samples of all my art, from Angels to Mandalas
Have  an art piece made for your or your loved one.

 Need any graphic art for your site or business? 
contact  [email protected]

A sacred journey of  those  "who walk with Spirit"...

As an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist Movement I made the above piece
to represent all the aspects

The Sunflower - Spirit in all, Faith, Hope and Devotion
The Dragonfly- Lightworker, Healer, Messenger
the Feathers- Messages from Spirit, 3-Divinity

Intuitive Readings-Spirit Art Messages, Aura Report,  Spiritual guidance empowered
with tarot, art, aura  or palmistry 
by Rev. Mary

All Readings and Spirit Art Messages are for Entertainment Only
                                  and by appointment only



Please, go and check out my  Spirit Art & Totem Pages Journey through the site for your 

DIVINE Inspirations.  ENJOY & Namaste
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Inspirational Story of a Young Man... Who is Happy about his life

So if you think life is treating you badly and you don't think that you can "Be Happy" or find any peace in your life... or if you want to watch a very INSPIRATIONAL STORY

The "Grandmothers"  are coming

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